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We are not strong walkers. Can we opt for a more leisurely tour?

We are very flexible and will gladly plan an individual tour catering to your personal wishes. We can always take out some sights and shorten the sightseeing. You can also book a mini-bus and we can drive part of the tour. Another option would be to download our Citi-Tunes Online-Tour via the PopGuide-App. It will allow you to virtually “visit” the sights at your own pace. There is a commentary for reading, and you can listen to music whenever you feel like it. The Online-Tour is ideal for individual travellers who like to explore locations at their own pace, following their own interests and routes, or from the comfort of their hotel lobby or at a café. Please ask for more information if this interests you.

How can I pay for my tour?

We hope to add more payment options in the future. For the moment you can

  • pay cash on arrival; 

  • receive an invoice and pay beforehand via wire transfer/bank deposit;

  • use PayPal to pay for your invoice beforehand.


Please specify your preferred method of payment when booking.

Can children join the tour?

Children are generally welcome and younger ones under 12 years are free of charge. Smaller children will appreciate a stroller of some kind as they might get tired from the walking. Please make sure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions so that they can enjoy the tour. Children over the age of 12 might be a good fit for this type of sightseeing tour. For them to enjoy the walk, they should be open to listening to different music through earphones from a device and be able to walk the distance of the tour.

A person in our group has special needs, can we still join a group?

Participation would depend on the type of special needs of your group member. Please contact me and we can discuss the possible options. For private tours it is in most cases possible to adapt the trip so that all members can enjoy it. The tour has proven to be well-suited and interesting for guests with visual impairment as the music is a valuable addition to the experience of the city. Contact me to learn more.

What is the best time of the year to visit Bonn and Helsinki?

Helsinki is located very far north. So, if you don’t like walking tours in the “dark and cold”, the best time to visit Helsinki is during the summer months, mid-May to mid-September. June and July are the primary tourist season, and then the Finnish capital is a busy place. Still, apart from a few main sights, it is never unpleasantly crowded. During the summer, you can experience the so-called “White Nights” where it doesn’t get dark for weeks. If you continued up North from Helsinki, you would experience the Midnight Sun. While it is possible to have walking tours also during the winter months, they are much more pleasant during the summer. All the cafés are open, there is a lively atmosphere, and you can enjoy mild and fresh air, outdoor markets and strolls in charming parks. However, our tours are also entirely possible during the winter months. Helsinki offers many indoor-malls and secret pathways that allow us to bypass the weather, if necessary.


Bonn in Germany is located in the Rhine valley, and it has, therefore, a mild climate throughout the whole year. While it can get foggy and rainy, walking tours are possible during all seasons. However, the lush green of the famous landscape Siebengebirge with the Drachenfels-ruins, “Biergarten” culture, outdoor cafés and river cruises are best experienced during the summer months. In case you love wine, autumn is a perfect time to come to Bonn. After you have enjoyed our walking tours in Bonn, you can then continue to the vineyards alongside the Ahr and Mosel rivers for some serious wine tasting 😉. In December, Bonn offers a large and charming Christmas market. Due to the cherry blossom in the main street, the “Old town” has become a tourist magnet during April/May

How long are the walking tours?

Our standard Citi-Tunes walking tours last for 3 hours. This provides plenty of time for a wealth of engaging narrative, a variety of beautiful music, and it provides you with a good overview of the respective city. Should you wish to add a coffee break or combine the tour with an excursion to some other parts of the town, please contact us for additional options. We will gladly assist you in your planning.

What is the policy if I have to cancel my tour?

You can cancel regular bookings up to 7 days before the departure date without costs. Cancellations made 6 to 2 days before the starting date will incur a cancellation fee of 50 % of the tour price. For cancellations made less than 48 hours before departure, there will be no refund.

What is the policy if my tour gets cancelled by you?

Even though our technology and audio system are robust, a tour might have to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions or for other grave reasons. Should this be necessary, we will always inform you as soon as possible and offer an alternative date and time. If this is not an option for you: 

  • in the case you have already paid your tour, you receive a full refund or

  • you can receive a voucher for another tour with a 15% discount that is valid for one year.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Bookings of travel agencies, companies or entrepreneurs from inside the European Union will in most cases not incur VAT due to the double tax agreements between most member states. Private persons and bookings from outside the EU will in most cases show an additional VAT of 24% (Finland) on the invoice. Invoices will be issued through 

Will I get confirmation after I book my tour?

Yes, you will receive a booking confirmation via email or text message, if you prefer the latter.

What should I wear for a walking tour?

Please wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to navigate slopes or cobblestones safely and that are comfortable even during extended walking on city-pavement. Also, it's very important to bring appropriate clothing for the respective weather. During the cold season, make sure you are dressed warm enough. It's better to have too many clothes than to get cold. Keep in mind that both cities are located next to water, so humidity and wind add to the chill on cool days. In Helsinki, a jacket protecting you from wind is highly recommended also during the summer months. In case of rain, an umbrella is essential for Bonn. In Helsinki, an additional rain jacket might be a smart choice, as umbrellas tend to fold over in the stronger coastal winds. It can get hot in both cities during the summer months. Please consider sunglasses, sunshade for your head or forehead, sun protection and you might want to bring a bottle of water. Should it be a hot day and you are planning to dress lightly, please bring a shawl of some kind to cover yourself during the visits in the churches.

Are you an authorized tour guide?

Yes, I am a licensed tour guide for Helsinki, including sea fortress Suomenlinna (UNESCO).

I am also a member of HTO, the Helsinki Tour Guide Association.

My tour guide degree is valid all over the European Union.

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