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Experience Bonn in a day with our walking tour!

The spy novel “A small town in Germany” by John le Carré features Bonn as a gloomy post-war capital of the freshly established Federal Republic of Germany, for which the locals coined the tongue-in-cheek nickname “federal village”. Thanks to a whopping 2000 years of eventful history, the river Rhine, whine-making, the University, and a cheerful local German “tribe”, Bonn is, however, a rather pleasant German settlement. Ludwig van Beethoven was born and raised here and is today exploited as the city’s most famous son.

Our 3-hour sightseeing tour on foot with music shows you the old town of Bonn*. During the tour, we listen to some of the works composed here by the young Beethoven and we also meet other famous German composers and musicians connected to Bonn, even politicians with a knack for music keys and sheet music. Our sightseeing tour Citi-Tunes™ Bonn is tracing the musical footsteps of local and international history in Bonn.

The Music samples are carefully chosen and connected to places, people and events in the past and present. This tour is perfect for curious travellers who enjoy walking, music and history all rolled into one. Classical music is a substantial part of the program, though not the only music style. Citi-Tunes™ Bonn lets you experience the city with all senses wide open.

* former government district not included

Bonn Tours: Current Specials


• Professional tour guide in English or German 

• Audio device & in-ear phones for each participant
(own earphones can be used if compatible)


• Food, drinks (can be arranged on request for extra charge)


• In front of medieval  "Sterntor", Vivatsgasse 10. Google         Maps Coordinates: P3PX+4C Bonn


Please see cancellation conditions in FAQ's section!


  • Comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing are highly recommended

  • Please let us know if a participant uses a hearing aid. A limited number of special earphones are available.

  • The tour, owing to the music, has proven to be well-  suited and attractive for guests with visual impairment if accompanied by a second person. Contact me to learn more.


Private Guided Tour for 1-8 guests:

  • 3 hours: 180 €

  • 2 hours: 160 €


Private Group Tour for 9-25 guests:

  • 3 hours: 22 € / Person


Children (under 12 years) are free.

Please send a message if you have special requests.

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